A Son was born & A Daughter was born

Mongolians have a rich tradition of cherishing our children’s good fortune. One of the main traditional practice leading up to the birth of a baby is to prepare a sheepskin cradle. This unique tradition passed down for generations is being neutralized by modern development...

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Toodon deel

When a baby develops enough to hold his head upright without support, Mongolians start dressing the baby in tradition attire called the “Barivch”, which doesn’t get in the way of the movement of an increasingly active baby. In order to encourage and spread the ancient wisdom of symbolism in this new age, we have chosen decorate our Toodon deel brand...

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Defined by the trend-conscious classic style, Burd is a brand that is continually increasing popularity and success in the cashmere market. The Brand is named after the Mongolian word for an oasis in the dessert where in the middle of sea of sand, a patch of land that flourish with life.

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Хүсэлт илгээх